gurnik academy of medical arts

  1. can you plz tell me about the reputation of this medical school in concord
    i want to go to this school next year for LPN program
    can u plz assist me about its reality....
    thank you
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  3. by   Kellie Frost

    I think I can help with your decision. Until last week I was enrolled in the LPN program with Gurnick. I left the school due to the fact that no one there seemed to know what they were doing. It is a huge investment and you should want to get what you pay for. Thats not the case. The school is all lies, they even told me not to enroll in another local program due to the fact that the program was not accredited (Also a lie). The change dates on us, they change curriculum, course hours, and it seems like every other day there was a new contract to sign stating that they changed somthing else. For those that refused to sign all these contracts, we were given the ultimatum to sign or leave. When we would complain, it would circulate around the campus, but nothing ever got out. The only thing that changed was the way we were treated. My teacher would give me these dirty looks because I complained about the curriculum not being challenging and that I found it hard to believe that this would prepare us for the NCLEX. It is Non-Refundable so think long and hard. Don't make the same mistake I did.
  4. by   edwin holmsted
    Gurnick Academy is a pretty good school - the bottom line is that they are fair and prepare you well to take the NCLEX...The instructors work in the field and are pretty qualified from what I can tell.

    I havent gotten to the clinical portion yet, but the staff is friendly and I feel like they care about us. I have a freind that had to drop after the Pre-requsites because they couldn't afford to continue...and they got their money back because they returned the books and equipment - so the statement that the classes are non-refundable is WAY off all of their catalogs they say right up front that the $75 registration fee is far I can say Im glad I went here instead of waiting another 2 years for a JC program.

    Im proud of my school!!!
  5. by   futuredoc
    Everyone, ...I am one of the students who had this misfortune in being in the same class as K. Frost!
    First, Gurnick is great, they are always there to help and they do everything they can for their students. You cant find other school that does this for its students....They helped me with setting my payment plan and they helped me when I needed them...most of the class loves the administrator and the instructors.....except for Frost, who didn't have enough brains to learn and self improve!!!!!
    Secondly, dear Ms Frost, you were expelled because you were ignorant and cheated...and now you want to cover your back!!!!!
    You are trying dirty things against the school and this is what the cheaters do....I have an advice for you: confront yourself and try to learn from your mistakes!!!!!!
  6. by   MedStudentNicole
    I like the school! The staff is always there to help you, the administration of the school is great! They are always open for suggestions and they go through them and listen to what we have to say!

    I have received great deal of knowledge through them and their program. I am currently employed and I am very valued by my managers, because of my level of preparedness and experience....its funny but I just started and I feel like I have been working for medical industry all my life....

    I think if you know what you want and if you want to get there and Gurnick will help you realize your goal they definitely go with them!