1. I am at CSN taking HHP 123 & 124 with HIT 117. I have my math class done and general eds. I'm looking to the LPN program. I have to (and happily) start at LPN. No financial aid and done by next summer. This session has started and the online courses I'm in are self-paced and I'm nearly done (Monday starts the 3rd week of the term).

    I'm scheduled to take the TEAS V on March 30. I put this off too long. I've been a CNA for just 2.5 years. But at 37 I want and need to keep moving up.

    Are there any LPN students from CSN here and if so I'd love to ask a few questions of you, if you don't mind. Also, having worked in a couple, I'm ok working in a SNF or LTAC. To be a nurse while finishing my RN requirements has got to be cool. I felt the same way when I started CNA school. I still feel that now. I wish it were Fall 2013 now so I'd be in the thick of things.

    Selection criteria has changed. Anyone know anything of that Fast Track program they have? I know how it goes sort of but some first person perspective would be nice.
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