Gateways Community College 2018 waitlist

  1. Hello Everyone/Anyone

    I am a student who recently applied to the L.P.N. program at gateway community college Phoenix location. I applied in July, 2017 and was wondering if anyone else has had any communication from the gateway community college waitlist data base. March 2018 I received an email asking was I still interested in the program and that students who applied before May 2017 will likely be placed fall 2018.
    If any one else has had any communication please from the wait list date base pleasereply back , as I am curious about the waitlist and communication with others !!!

    Kind regards, Dez'
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  3. by   nurse2b_kee
    Hello, I applied in july of last year also, I received the same email that you recived last month. I was really hoping to be placed this fall.
  4. by   Nurse2bDezzy

    Thank you so much for your reply!!! Hang in there! Looks like there is someone out here like me. Were in the same boat!! I was hoping for fall also but you and I will for sure be placed in the 2019 January Cohort! Praying for that acceptance

  5. by   Nurse2beNellie
    Hello. I applied in June 2017 and I received placement for the fall 2018 so for sure you are first up for January 2019 ! Good luck
  6. by   Nurse2bDezzy
    Thanks Nellie I appreciate your reply that is definitely inspiration!!! This wait game and email communication just make people feel like were in the dark! But congrats on your placement !!!
  7. by   nurse2b_kee
    Thanks for that info nellie gives me hope, this waiting game is no fun lol.
  8. by   Dasdamo4, LPN
    When I applied in October of 2016, I was accepted in late July of 2017 for August. However, the waitlist could've lengthen since then considering their expanding the amount of seats for the PN program as more and more people know about it. You all may still get in. Acceptances go out starting in April and will continue all the way up until the day before classes start. Usually when others fail the course or deny their acceptances, that moves waitlisted students up the list for a seat. Stay hopeful!
  9. by   Nurse2bDezzy
    Thank you for your reply today I got the regret to inform you email about the fall 2018 class. I didnt make the cut. But you are right staying hopeful
  10. by   Nurse2bDezzy
    Hello do anyone know how the program accepts payments? Do they accept cash, financial aide or of so how does the payment process goes given sometimes they call students last minute for class