Former PTEC LPN Students..Vest/Uniform Questions

  1. Does anyone have a vest that they no longer want/need that they can sell to me for a reduced price?

    Do you know where the best place to get books and uniforms from is?

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  3. by   CappySPN1
    i am a current student in the pn program at ptec! first congrats! one thing i have realized is ptec students are considered to be among the best and it is only going to get better because they have increased the admission requirements!!!! as far as the are probably better off buying it from dove like the school recommends they are good quality and it will last you, if you get one from a previous student it probably wont fit and probably not the cleanest thing :d i ordered the polos for my class from they are cheap, great quality and fast on delivery! but you wont need to have your full uniform for about 1 month after school starts so you'll be able to find out more with the class. during the 1st few days of class you will select class officers so if you are the type of person that would be interested in doing something like that then please do....but do it for the right reasons! you will soon find that fellow students will become very competitive and catty!!!!! are you starting in the aug class at st pete? i believe your class will be having a whole new set of books.....lucky you!!! seriously some of the text books we have been using are horrible!!! but once you get your list you can purchase them anywhere you want i have found to have great prices! wow thats alot!! if you have any more questions let me know good luck!