Foreign LPN graduates and CGFNS

  1. hi,
    i made an inquiry in cgfns to clarify the issue about "lpn's not being able to work in us unless your a green card holder or citizen" posted in all of the threads. hope this helps at all.
    here it goes:

    ****orginal question****
    i have been conducting a research on, and come
    accross with the forum that states, lpn graduates from foreign countries are
    eligible to take nclex-pn but cannot be granted a visa to work in us
    unless you are a citizen or a green card holder.
    is this true?
    your prompt response is very much appreciated.
    thank you.
    ************************************************** ****
    cgfns reply:

    dear(name withheld),

    u.s. citizens are not required to obtain a visa to work in the united

    you can read about our mission at this web page:

    foreign-educated lpns are eligible for some cgfns international
    services. you can go through our web site to see which ones and to obtain
    links to the state boards of nursing who decide which if any of our
    services they require for foreign-educated lpns. however the links on the
    following web page should prove helpful to your inquiry:

    the section titled "government agencies" can give you details about
    current guidelines.

    thanks for your interest in cgfns international.


    if you have any questions, about your order or your account, please
    contact our customer service department at:
    3600 market street, suite 400, philadelphia, pa 19104-2651 usa
    phone: (215)349-8767
    email customer service by visiting contact us at


    commission on graduates of foreign nursing schools (cgfns)
    international commission on healthcare professions (ichp)

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