Feeling overwhelmed

  1. Hello. I am a LVN student and graduate in 5 weeks. I am extremely nervous to be on my own. I feel like I can't do anything right! simple things like TBs, shots, giving medication. easy tasks. I get so nervous and my hands begin to sweat! I haven't done a catheter test but am so afraid! Is this the right career for me? I'm so confused. I am thinking I'm probably nervous because my instructor stands right over me! Does anybody ever feel this way?!
    Thank you
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  3. by   teatimeofthesoul
    I felt that way you did. I think it's normal. I didn't have much chance to build confidence with an instructor hovering over me. In the real world, your co-workers will help you with any questions. In my experience, they won't judge you for not knowing something. I'm excited for you, congratulations!
  4. by   2210485
    Just dive in there.. Think of it like closing your eyes before you jump off the diving board.. Push any apprehensive thoughts you have aside.

    You're not gonna kill someone placing a tst or whatever youll be doing your first few months.. Worst thing that can happen is you like miss someones veins taking blood or something.. But yknow what.. Who cares! You're new! And thats life.. Sometimes you get stuck in traffic, sometimes a new lvn sticks you 400 times on the doctors office, they'll move on lol.

    Worst thing you can do as a healthcare professional is get all hung up on your own limitations or other peoples expectations. Just focus on getting the job done/honing your skills and tune everything else out for now.