Feeling kind of down ....

  1. I have been accepted into the LPN program at my Technical school....applied for ADN but was offered seat in LPN instead. Sounded great, knowing they have a transistion from LPN to RN....went today to my first orientation to find out, I will start LPN January 2013 and finish in December 2013.....wait 2 semesters and take transition course Fall 2013, Start ADN in Spring 2014, 3 semesters and finish up Dec. 2014. THIS SEEMS LIKE FOREVER! I'm only 19 now....but people I graduated with will have their BSN in the same amount of time! My question is, how does everyone else's schools do the LPN to ADN? Just feeling frustrated...
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  3. by   RButler24
    Im currently in my first semester in the LPN program at chaffey college and will be doing the transition to RN once I graduate. Im in the same sort of boat except LPN here is three semesters. So i will graduate LVN December 2013 as well. Taking RN pre reqs the summer between second and third semester, spring after graduation and the following summer (you can pretty much only take your sciences only one or two at a time all of my other ADN prereqs have been completed), hopefully get accepted into the RN program fall 2014 and finish spring 2014. I even plan to get my BSN which will be another year. WIth my plan in progress I am hoping by spring 2015 i will be completely finished with school, that is if everything goes as planned which it usually never does so I will just have to keep trucking through. I am 25. I started college when I was 18 and dropped out when I was 20 and I regret not finishing. I just had to come back and do it over again, and now I will not be finished until I am almost 30. Point of the story is KEEP GOING. Most schools have a very elongated process to get into and to finish the nursing programs because they want to filter out the ones who really do not want or need to be there. 4-5 years is the average time it takes to complete a nursing program from starting with pre requsites to obtaining the degree. It is hard and stressful, but it will be worth it when I get that degree.
  4. by   kmn325
    I just got accepted to the lvn program at chaffey and start this fall. What prereqs do u have to take for the RN? Obviously all your science classes are done since u are in the lvn correct? Do they mention the transition from lvn to RN at all? Since we are already in the lvn program and part of chaffey do we have a better chance of getting in?