Dutchess Boces LPN 2012 fall

  1. Hi everyone this is my first post. Im so excited and nervous. I will be taking the teas v exam may 22nd and am so nervous. I wanted to know if anyone else was taking the exam or if anyone yet has taken it. How tough it is? And lpn students how tough is the program I was a student at dcc just got some basics done but decided to do my lpn first then the bridge program cause its hard working fulltime and school and I have a 3year old ... So decided to just concentrate on my degree. If you have any information that be so helpful and what the program is like or how big is class .. Im kinda nervous goign back to school but i have to do what's best for my family and I enjoy the medical field ....thank you and good luck to evryone.....
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  3. by   lisalynn0621
    I took the TEAS V exam march 23rd, and I was really worried about the math portion, but it wasn't too bad. Just brush up on fractions, decimals, and percentages and you should be fine. However I did find the science portion a little difficult but if you spend the time studying then you should be just fine. As for the reading and english and language usage just make sure you take your time actually reading the material. I used the Secrets of the TEAS V exam study guide (published by: Mometrix Media LLC) Which not only has study info but test taking tips plus alot of other info in it . I just got my acceptance letter last week so I guess it helped me. If you study you should pass it no problem. Good Luck!
  4. by   JBISHUN21
    thank you im just so nervous it been awhile since ive been in school and i have test anxiety how long is the test .... congratulations
  5. by   lisalynn0621
    Your welcome! I was extremly nervous and had test anxiety too, I almost talked myself out of going to the test center the morning of! But it really wasn't too bad. The test is 209 minutes, 58 min for reading, 51 min for math, 66min for science, and 34 min for englishand language usage. Thank you so much!
  6. by   JBISHUN21
    Does the test have an essay part
  7. by   lisalynn0621
    Nope the TEAS V doesn't have an essay part. If you have any more questions feel free to email me at lisalynn0621@gmail.com
  8. by   I♥Scrubs
    I also am taking the TEAS V to get into an LPN program, however the one I am going for is Otsego Area school of PN, it's also through a BOCES. I plan to take it May 18. I ordered a study guide through amazon.com that had 5 practice tests in the book and then it explains how to get the answers. Good luck!
  9. by   JBISHUN21
    Thank you Lisa.... Mine is jessicabishun@gmail.com
  10. by   JBISHUN21
    I went to Barnes and nobles and got McGraw hills 5 teas its pretty good onlu wish I remeber the math been awhile
  11. by   MissJessica61
    Try and study as much as you can! I took the exam a few weeks ago and I was accepted for full time in the fall.... The test I took there wasn't too bad I did horrible on the science because o haven't taken a science class in a long time. It did have a small essay at the end which wasn't hard the key point to that was to read all the directions. Sadly enough as we were finishing up a girl asked where she should put her name on the papers and the instructor said I cannot tell you it is in the directions.....none the less if you study you should do fine!!! Good luck :-)
  12. by   JBISHUN21
    Thank you any tips that would help id greatly appreciate it... So nervous cause im really hoping to get in and get my career going...congratulations
  13. by   JBISHUN21
    How do they grade it.. By rank or...
  14. by   MissJessica61
    I honestly have no clue how they grade it. I was thrown off by the essay, and i actually did not finish it because I'm used to writing long intensive papers. That is why i think they grade it on how well you follow the directions. ALSO BIG TIP conserve your time. When i took the test she kept forgetting to let us know how long we had. At the end she lost track of time and it is another reason why i didnt finish the essay. I only studied a small amount of time because i got the test announcment when i got back from vacation therefore i had little time to study!! I knew i would do well in the language and english part so i studied the math and the science sections.