Brevard community college

  1. I was just wondering if any one knew what you need before you send your application for the LPN program? I went on the site but it just has the major courses and not the general ed or pre requs. So if you could help me out I really appriciate it.
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  3. by   Hope63
    I'm also looking into BCC and after reading the requirements it doesn't look like there are any pre-reqs required. I am going to make an appointment and find out exactly what the requirements are. Will post when I find out more information.
  4. by   brightsusan
    these are the courses that you should take for the points. they are not specifically listed as pre-reqs for the lpn program, but all the medical programs at bcc are competetive and you should definitely take the recommended courses listed below before submitting your application by sept 1.

    bonus points specific college course work

    certain courses relevant to the program will be awarded bonus points. each course is worth a maximum of 5 points for a total of 20 possible points. an "a" is worth 5 points, a "b" is worth 4 points, a "c" is worth 3 points. only courses completed within the last ten (10) years can be used for points.
    college credit courses - success strategies for college & life
    - microcomputer applications
    - medical terminology
    - survey of human anatomy & physiology
    - anatomy & physiology i (includes lab)
    - anatomy & physiology ii (includes lab)
    (must complete both anatomy & physiology i and
    anatomy & physiology ii to earn bonus points)
  5. by   Hope63
    Thanks for the information. I have everything except med terminology. Have you applied for either program yet?
  6. by   brightsusan
    I just took the TEAS test today, and have to wait up to 2 weeks for my grade to see if I am able to then apply for the Sept 1st deadline for BCC's LPN program. You also have to have a certain score on their TABE test too. (I have not taken that yet, have you?)
  7. by   Hope63
    I am in the process of having my transcripts evaluated and waiting to see which of my credits they will accept. So I haven't taken the tests yet. Let me know how you do!
  8. by   brightsusan
    I got an 83 overall on the TEAS test and a 92 on the reading, so I am good! I take the TABE (for post secondary vocational programs) on July 6th and for LPN you have to pass in the 11th grade level. Not sure what percent that is, but the material looks a LOT easier than the TEAS test was. Good thing is you can use the TEAS scores for 2 years and apply to any of the nursing programs with it. Like if you decided to do RN or Dental Hygiene.
  9. by   Hope63
    Congrats!!1 That is great news. Thanks for the information that will help me when I attempt to talk to them again about transferring my credits. I may just apply for the LPN and then do the bridge program for the RN. Otherwise it could be 4 to 5 yrs before I get into the RN program if I even do then! One of the cna's at the hospital just finished the LPN and passed her NCLEX and is interviewing at a LTC facility for $17 an hr!!!!
  10. by   brightsusan
    Wow $17 an hour is great! That would make me VERY happy. I took the TABE today, have to get 11th grade score - whatever that means... It was not a hard test, nowhere near the TEAS test. I wonder what the NCLEX test is like and I also wonder if you are an LPN applying for the transition to RN program if you have to take the TEAS all over again. Hope not! They sure make it tricky to become a nurse.
    Good luck to you!
  11. by   Hope63
    I will get the name of the NCLEX study guide they recommend you use to study. They sell it at Barnes and Noble. If I understood correctly you don't have to take another TEAS test for your RN if you are applying for the bridge program.

    Glad to hear you are finished testing and survived, lol. Congrats !!!