anyone in LPN school in phoenix az area

  1. if so what is the price?
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  3. by   tmahbee
    IM currently applying to gateway community college Lpn program which is very affordable.
  4. by   caligirl2017
    Thanks, I looked into Gateway but it seemed that I had to be a CNA to get in...which i am not. I just want a program to get me from A to B seems to be a challenge
  5. by   tmahbee
    Yes you do have to be a cna. And it's a school in Mesa that offers a lpn program that's doesn't require you to be a cna. It's called EVIT. And then there's Fortis College but there not accepting students at this time for some odd reason
  6. by   caligirl2017
    some of those private schools tend to shut down without any notice....scary. Thx