Anyone going to Western Career College Sacramento LVN program June 8th?

  1. Long time lurker, first time poster. I am attending an informational meeting next week to find out more about the LVN program, also they tell you that you "have" to go to this meeting before you apply anyway. And they told me there are still spots for the LVN class starting June 8th. Anyone already gone to an info meeting and ready to attend the June class? I know it's going to be super expensive and grants won't cover it all, and I will have to get loans as well. But you know what, I just can't sit around and wait to get in the lottery for RN at SCC or ARC, most people wait several semesters from people I have talked to. I do almost have my RN prereqs done, I am in my last one in fact, so that'll help in any case no matter where I go to school. Although more expensive, I figure doing LVN at WCC, then eventually bridge after working for a bit will be much faster. And I have personally, as in face to face, talked to a couple former LVN students from Western, who were friends of a friend, and they were happy with the program and are working, AND are going back to bridge eventually. Sorry for the long sentences and such, but anyway, any recent grads or current students or soon to be students advice/info would be great. Thanks so much!
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  3. by   DuwardLVN
    i am in the program already, this would be considered as term 1: overall the program and the instructor are fairly good, Although, with the med/surg theory, well, the instructor is not the greatest in the sense that the instructor testing questions are not concept, they are nclex form, with that alone, the studying that you will put in will not help because the questions are no where near close to what you have been studying for. my advice, yes its a short program, BUT, there are better programs out there. take your time and continue with other classes...believe me, there are better programs out there that are serious to work with you and to pass the program.
  4. by   futurenurse0
    Hello! I would like to know how much the cost of the LVN program is there at WCC and how much it will be if the prerequs were completed somewhere else??