Any study tips?

  1. I need some good methods of studying! What's a good way to help you remember stuff?
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  3. by   nurseladybug12
    Read the text, take notes from it, and re-write your notes at least once when it comes tme to study for an exam. Then make a study guide with bullets of what you need to know, and go through them with a partner. Put a star next to the facts you have trouble with, and re-write those until you narrow it down enough until you are comfortable with most of what you have studied. I used to use a marker board and write down what I thought the answer was, look at the answer to see if I was correct, rewrite it from the notes if it was wrong, erase it then try it from memory again. I also used to make up words or phrases if it was a list of things I needed to remember, and I would make it really odd or funny words that would stand out. Don't overlook the simple, basic things those are usually what gets asked.
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  4. by   pmabraham
    Good day: may offer some helpful tips as well.

    Thank you.