Afraid of entrance exam!

  1. I haven't scheduled it yet, I'm too scared I'm going to fail it & then all of my dreams of becoming a nurse will be ruined! Any advice? I bought a book off amazon to study from but in the math section it's a bunch of algebra which seems weird to me..Ugh! What did you use to study? Thanks.
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  3. by   Miss_Taylor
    Where are you going to nursing school? Or I guess I should ask what test are you taking? The HESI test I took was truly not that hard if you just give yourself a refresher study session
  4. by   LeeLee87
    UPMC St.Margaret School of Nursing in Pittsburgh, PA & it's called PSB's Aptitude for Practical Nursing least thats what their website says.
  5. by   Miss_Taylor
    Hmm I've not heard of it I'm sorry. But on the test I took, there was very little algebra. It was mostly made up of fractions and word problems if that helps at all? Good luck!!! You'll do great!
  6. by   LeeLee87
    yeah the book that i bought to study from is basically all fractions. how was the science and english part?
  7. by   Miss_Taylor
    I didn't think it was too bad...although there some medical terminology in there that if I didn't already work in the medical field I would be a little stumped on..So I thought studying the book was definitely worth it. A lot of the questions on our tests were "Are the words similar, opposite, or of no relation?" That sortof thing. But there were a few like "If the IV is patent, this means it's _____" and then they will say A. Open B. Closed C. Infected....etc etc..
  8. by   lrlat
    HESI not too bad the study guide from MOMETRIX it was WAY better than the one the school offers.
    The math is mainly fractions...Math is my WORST subject and I made a 90.
    So relax...and PREPARE will do fine!
  9. by   Miss_Taylor
    Yeah Math is definitely my WORST..and somehow I did the best on the math? I had to laugh at little...I thank measuring formula for my son for the measurements part of the test haha.
  10. by   LeeLee87
    I think the part I'm most afraid of is the synonyms & antonyms because the words they use in the book I'm studying from are pretty big ones..& I have no idea *** they mean! I'm not gonna study all of the vocab words cause there will prob only be a few on the test from the school!
  11. by   Miss_Taylor
    Yeah I understand. I just went with my gut on the ones I didn't know, and kept the "always go with your first answer" saying in my brain the entire time. You will do well! Does your school allow you to retest to get a higher score if you don't do as well as you would like? If it helps at all..our DON was truly the most concerned with math. Anyways...sending good vibes your way!!!
  12. by   Shaunta20
    I took the TEAS exam at steel tech center in west mifflin,pa and tye exam wasn't to hard the hard part for myself was the science. The math had some fractions but not a whole lot, it was mor algebra and statistic word problems then anything. Hope this helps and good luck!
  13. by   NurseWriter143
    Hey Ladies,
    Well I'm new to this site and still searching/lurking to find where I belong here... Pre-Nursing is where I'm currently at right now waitin to take the TEAS next weeek! A nervous whack would be an understatement describing my mood BUT I'm not stopping. I've taken the HESI A2 and falled the math (which i hate) so now I've moved on to a school who's entrance exam is TEAS.... any help on study tips to be prepared?

    School is Dorsey in Madison Heights Mi.....
  14. by   TeamSteven01
    I dont consider myself super smart, and here was my story.
    I took the entrance exam last night, not bad at all.

    Math: brush up on converting fractions to decimals, and vice versa. Learn military time, if you dont know it. Learn how many oz-pints-gallons ect. I got a 92%

    Vocab: hardest section to me, and I suck at math, pretty sure the words were made up lol. Used a ton of medical terminology and made it very confusing, also did this section last, so I was tired. I got an 84%

    Reading comprehension: stupid, time consuming but easy. I honestly just stared at the screen for like 2 minutes because none of the answers were that good. lol. I got a 98%

    Grammar: Pretty easy. A lot of "which word is not grammatically correct" type stuff. A little bit of a headache, you just have to pay attention. I got a 100%

    This was for the HESI-A2, just thought i'd share my story