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I haven't scheduled it yet, I'm too scared I'm going to fail it & then all of my dreams of becoming a nurse will be ruined! Any advice? I bought a book off amazon to study from but in the math... Read More

  1. by   LeeLee87
    Wow, you did very well on the exam! I will have to brush up on the medical terminology for sure!
  2. by   TeamSteven01
    Thanks! I overstressed way too much about it lol. I would just go in relaxed and calm and you should do fine. Passing the test doesnt really do anything for me, still going to be a challenge to get accepted

    a very bittersweet test lol
  3. by   LeeLee87
    I think I'm over stressing too much as well. Is there a wait list for your school or is it just hard to get into?
  4. by   TeamSteven01
    I am not really sure if it is hard to get into or not...Im taking my lunch break in a minute and I'm going to call the school and ask..I will let you know when I get back
  5. by   NurseWriter143
    Thanks Steven for sharing your story.... i took the Hesi A2 and passed everything (high scores) except for Math... lets just say I suck at math!
  6. by   LeeLee87
    missdann-was the math part of your test mainly fractions?
  7. by   NurseWriter143
    leelee....the math was pretty much algebra,fractions,ratio and proportions,decimals,percentages,mixed numbers,measurements,,,,and i think thats the most of it!
  8. by   TeamSteven01

    make sure you brush up on converting fractions to decimals, and converting decimals to fractions.
    touch up on ratios, they are very easy with multiple choice.


    solve for X... I had a bunch of these with multiple choice.

    learn how many pints are in an ounce, ounces in a gallon, and pints in a gallon.

    learn converting millileters to leters and kilometers to meters.

    I had a few, "which is larger...1/3 1/2 2/3 ect ect" make sure you know fractions

    I had multiple word problems, just read carefully, they are usually simple multiplication and division problems.

    I had add these numbers together...odd because there is a calculator

    I had mulitply these numbers...still use the calculator lol

    Add and subtracting of fractions, with and without whole numbers

    I had to get this in writing while it is still fresh in my brain...if you can learn these before you go (again this was for the hesi-a2) i would almost bet you would get at least an 80 or above.

    feel free to add to this list
  9. by   LeeLee87
    great cause i such at algebra & to be honest I really dont even remember any of it..
  10. by   mermcm83
    You will do fine, I was extremely scared and did really well to my surprise. We used at my current school, Central school of practical Nursing in VA. I actually used a friends review booklet, and went online and looked up practice test and questions. I had a collective mix of chemistry, a little math, reading, it was not bad as I thought. You will do great, just remember to relax before the test, that helps me....
  11. by   LeeLee87
    My friend is supposed to help me study proportions & basic algebra so I should be ok.
  12. by   TeamSteven01
    keep us updated
  13. by   LeeLee87
    will do. i won't be taking the test till july 8th