4 points... please help

  1. So, I am in an LPN program at a local community college, had a blast in my first semester. Thought I really rocked it. Loved my classes, loved my clinicals.

    Today was orientation and I walked in there confient with my skills and abilities from the previous semester.

    When they called the roll, my name wasn't on the roster, and I thought it was perhaps I did not register in time.

    When I went to inquire, my instructor then told me that I did not pass PN111 by 4 points. 4.
    I'm in utter shambles because I seriously do not know what to do now. I was suppose to graduate in MAY.
    I could throw up right now because I'm a dissapointment to my parents, my family, and most off... myself...

    what do I even begin to do at this point?
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  3. by   Raviepoo
    Get back on the horse. Start again. You will rock it this time. You have a good basis for knowledge and you can only build on it. You will graduate when you graduate. There is nothing magical about May. If your parents are still in the picture to be dissappointed you must be young enough to withstand a 6 month delay in graduation, right?

    There are lots of re-admits in my program. They just dust themselves off and get back to work.

    It's really odd that you didn't know your status at the end of last semester. That sounds kind of fishy to me. I wouldn't trust a school that was so disorganized that they let a student register without informing her that did not pass the previous semester. Is there another school in your area you could attend instead?