3/4 of the way check in

  1. Well today we did our fluid and electrolytes unit test. Kind of a hard one with all the Vitamins-ADEK, B&C. The electro's were not to bad but still. We had to go through what foods would you give to a patient that needed vitamin B6 for instance, and the cool part due to class discussion the answer was Red Bull. Other happening in the class is we lost two more people today. They are starting to drop like flys. The instructors offered them to still take the rest of the class but would not be letting them take the final due to not having a high enough test average. I feel really bad for them because they were trying hard to keep up. I gave encouragement where I could but yeah. Anyways so those two and then another one got told she will have to get 94 average on the last 2 tests otherwise she will also not be allowed to take final.
    On to next week. We will be doing meds and shots. Our teacher already said "dont even think about sticking me" which I thought was funny how scared she is of needles considering she probably has given a lot of shots.
    Ok I will check in with you guys next week and let you know whats going on.
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  3. by   NurseStudentTill2013
    Have a fluid and electrolyte exam coming up any advice?