Where Do I Go From Here?? (Baton Rouge?)

  1. I just found out today that I passed my NCLEX! YEA!!! I'm extremely happy.

    My problem is... I've been a waitress my whole life (I'm 26) and I'm planning on relocating to the Baton Rouge area in a little over a month to be with my boyfriend. I don't know the area. I don't know anyone there except for him (he works in a restaurant too). And I have no idea how to go about finding the best place for me to start my career. I'm completely lost as to where to start. I'm assuming an assisted living facility would pay the best.

    Please help!!!!

    Any tips would be GREATLY appreciated. (particuarly from LPN's in the Baton Rouge area...and if you're from there, are there any better areas in LA for me to relocate to, as far as jobs are concerned?)
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