Unscrupulous Private duty company in MA

  1. Does anyone know who to report an unscrupulous BSN of a Private Duty Agency to in Massachusetts? The owner is a woman who told us not to send pt's to the hospital from home because her "dashboard rating was 34". We were to push po fluids, get them to the dr's ofc, anything but send them straight to the hospital. That should have been the first red flag. She flat out lied on several occations(with witnesses) about hours paid to hours worked. When I went on the few home visits as ?VNA? for orientation, she took bp w/out stethescope telling me that was OK to do, "all you have to do is watch the needle bounce, then stop". Ya right. I lasted all of 3 days, in which time she was ready to send me out to see pt's without any knowledge of there conditions hx, tx's etc. Oh ya, and even though it was only a few hours for the first pay period, she decided not to pay me because she didn't want to cut a check(flag #3). I could go on and on. I was unprofessional by leaving a yellow sticky note on her computer screen saying"I hereby resign from ++++Co with signature", but I was so appauled with her actions and unprofessional lieing ways I couldn't even face her. I have a resignation letter to go out to cover myself, awaiting a paychech for 15 hours of orientation(if you could even call it that), which has not arrived. On that day four of us left. Any suggestions?:trout:
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