Tandem Facility

  1. Anyone here work for a Tandem owned facility? I know they have many facilities throughout the US. I work for one in Pa and was wondering what you think about them?
    They took over the facility a little over a year ago and it has gone down drastically over the past few months.
    Our supplies have been taken away little by little, it got to the point where we would have one box of gloves for a wing!!!!! Of course until the state came for our annual inspection than we all of a sudden had plenty!
    I work day shift and would work with 12 cna's total, three down each wing. They cut the day shift CNA now we are lucky to have two CNA down one wing, which is 26 pts. Gave 3-11 more CNA's! What sense does that make?
    If anyone works for them let me know if your facility is as bad as mine!!
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