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  1. I have just sent in my money to re-activate my nursing license after an absence from being an LPN in critical care. My state does not require refresher my question is...has anyone started back after a longggg absence? Help!! I remember many thing but don't remember alot of things. I would appreciate any feedback.

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  3. by   SandraJean
    Hi. It's been almost 20 years since I've worked in the hospital, and I am going to go back. I'm hoping that it will be alright and that I'm not being a fool. I did take a refresher course because I know that a lot has changed in that amount of time, and even now, I still need to refresh my skills even after the course. How long is a long time for you?
  4. by   malka
    Oh SandraJean, I am so glad there is someone out there beside me. The last time I was actually was 20 or so years ago, maybe 21 years....a long time. I can seem to find a refresher course for LPN in my state of MO. they do not require anything. What state are you in? I am 54 years old. I know things have changed. I have all of this knowledge in my head but how much I really could do today re: charting with these new-fangled computer things, meds, and just doing treatments. I know the basics, but even so I haven't been in a cllinical hospital setting for that many years. Would like to know what refresher course you took and where. Thank you for writing. Will wait for your reply.

  5. by   SandraJean
    I live in MN. There is a community college in the area that offers an RN refresher course that I took. It was mostly theory, but we did have four clinical days, two of which were in the hospital. I wish the clinicals were more in depth, but they did help in the matter of actually getting to do a bit of patient care. I think that I will need to get the experience with the new machines after I start working again. I know what you mean about having all this knowledge in your head. I remember doing all of these procedures, but when I actually attempt to do them, I'm all thumbs. It's really wierd. Anyway, could you contact your state board of nursing and see if they have a listing of schools that might offer refresher courses (even though they are not required) or even schools that offer more technical continuing ed classes? Or, maybe contact an LPN school and see what they might suggest? I have been buying books to review, the Nursing Made Incredibly Easy series seems to be pretty good and an NCLX-RN book to prepare for boards. I didn't need to retake boards as I kept my license current, but they are very helpful in reviewing material. Good luck! It's scary, but I'm trying to keep a positive attitude going. Hey, I wonder if an LPN school in your area might let you sit in on some classes, not for credit, but a review? I have no idea if this is a good suggestion or not, but it never hurts to ask. Maybe the instructors would have some alternate ideas.
  6. by   malka
    Thanks Sandrajean for the input. It was very helpful and I will look into some of those things. I did get a call yeseterday from this place I left a message with the other day about a refresher course. I will call the director this afternoon. Also, the 2 books you mentioned....those are the ones you like the best?? Have you applied for a job yet? Let me know how you are doing. And, how people who are hiring feel about us older but still able nurses to the workforce?? Do they trust us? I am so glad to be in touch with you. May I ask how old you are? I am 54...or did I tell you that before? I sometimes feel like a dinasour. Write back and have a blessed day.
  7. by   lwb
    If I may add something to you conversation....

    I live in ND and am considering taking an RN refresher course to qualify for a ND license. I have not worked as a nurse for 18 years and have forgotten so much. I have maintained my license in MN but feel I need to have the refresher to have the clout to work in my chosen field, public and community health.

    In my research into refresher courses, I have found that ND Nursing association has a well respected on-line refresher course for RN/s and LPN's. There are 2 components, theoretical and clinical. The clinical can be arranged at a location near your home. I would encourage you to consider exploring this option.

    I too would like to have feedback from nurses who have taken refresher courses and hear what their experience was like. Was it worth it? What was the hardest? What they were surprised to learn? How well did things come back to them?

    Good luck to you both. It's nice to know I am not the only one trying to figure out the way back onto nursing.

  8. by   SandraJean
    I am 46 and I also wondered if hospitals would react positively to hiring me at this point, not just because of my age, but because it's been so long since I've worked. I'm beginning to think that there really is a market out there for us! I'm just working on getting my knowledge base and confidence level up again. I do like the Nursing Made Incredibly Easy books, easy to read and follow.

    lwb, the refresher course was a bit scary, but because I was nervous. I kind of wish we'd had more of a clinical component, but a lot of the information came back and I think that once I am actually working, the clinical skills will come back, too. I keep thinking positive thoughts!

    Good luck to you both!