NYC Job Outlook for LPN? LPN or BSN?

  1. Hello everyone ^^ I want to be a nurse and I will graduate with a bachelors in something else in May. I took some pre-requisites already but I have to retake them because I didn't do well. Originally my plan was to take a gap year and just retake them then apply to ABSN programs, but as I was looking at different schools I found out that LaGuardia Community College has a 10 month LPN certificate program. I'm considering doing this since it's the same amount of time I was going to take off and I can start working as an LPN when I finish it. I eventually want to become a nurse practitioner. Is it a good idea to do the certificate program or should I just take my pre-reqs? Since the LPN curriculum doesn't include BSN pre-reqs I'm afraid it's too risky. I don't think I'm a very competitive candidate for BSN which is why I can't be confident in my chances of being accepted to a BSN program immediately. I want to play it safe and not leave things to chance (which the progression LPN, RN, BSN, MSN would be safe) but most importantly I don't want to waste time. What if I don't get accepted to BSN programs my first try? I'd have to wait another full year. But also it would take a long time to reach my goal by taking little steps. I am conflicted.

    Also, I was looking for LPN to BSN programs in NYC but I can't find any. Queensborough Community College has dual degree programs for AAS/BSN but those are 4 years long. I know there are a handful of LPN to RN programs but I feel like the process will be dragged out so long to reach my end goal of nurse practitioner. Is it advantage to become an LPN first then apply to ABSN programs? Have any of you taken the approach of LPN, RN, BSN, MSN? If so how do you feel about going that route, how long did it take and how was working and taking classes at the same time? How's the job market for LPNs in NYC. If I can't find a job then there's no point...
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