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    I am an LPN from the province of Quebec. however, here in Quebec we call LPNs` Registered nursing assistants(RNA), kinda of dull name, but we are in the process of changing that. I don`t know how it is in the USA, or the rest of Canada, here in Quebec the RNs`pretty much dominate nursing care. Especially, when it comes to making a nursing assesment. RNAs`or Lpns`s (whatever you want to use) in Quebec, can only implement the Nursing care plan. Everything else is done by the RN. For example if a patient complains of a headache, before giving a tylenol from a standing order, an RN has to asses a patient. If a patient is complaining of a cough, and soar throat, again the RN has to asses. My question is it the same practice elsewhere? Do RNs` have to asses everything before and LPN can use an intervention.
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    We follow doctors orders and generally do our own assessment and follow through with plan of care and ordered treatments. In long term care the RN usually only did assessments on emergency situations and making a final decision if someone needed to go to ER. Right now I do peds homecare and we do our own assessments every shift. If we see something that needs addressed we still notify dr for orders and call the RN case manager and give an update. Sounds very strict where you are.