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  1. Hello everyone! i just joined this website and I am in hopes of finding some good advice. I am awaiting my ATT for KY for LPN. I am a nervous wreck! Any advice would be greatly apprecitated.. Thanks
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  3. by   belliakin
    The book that helped me the most was medspub. I'm not sure if you have heard of it, we used it in class. It was wonderful all sections were broken down into detail. Good luck with your test, I just had mine on Feb. 9. I'm sure you will do fine.
  4. by   Gerusha
    Thank you! I will look into that book you mentioned. What state did you take your boards in? A few of the girls in my graduating class have taken theirs and the test shut off around 90ish questions and so far everyone has passed. I guess I am just freaking myself out.
  5. by   belliakin
    I took my test my test in Lexington Ky. Mine cut off at 85 but a classmate of mine went to 120 and passed too. When it gets close to time to taking the test try to get plenty of rest, don't try to stress ( i know that sounds impossible) but you have to answer the questions in "what would you do" mostly Prioritize. Keep me posted I'll be praying for you.
  6. by   Gerusha
    Thank you....A few girls that graduated with me have taken their boards and the last one I spoke with took hers in Lexington and it shut off at 107 and she passed, the most I have heard from the girls this year is 147 questions on the test and so far everyone has passed. I will try to get as much rest as possible, I am going to schedule my test in Blue Ash, Ohio, it is about 45 minutes away.