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  1. I am a new LPN I have been on a few interviews and recently got two job offers. 1 is a major health system in NY, I would be assisting the Dr. In all her surgical procedures and doing post and pre op. I can also potentially get trained to perform some procedures. This is an outpatient center not in hosp paying $23.50 hr. The other is a smaller up in coming healthcare system. It is an lpn position in a private practice Internal medicine office. I will be the only nurse and work Saturdays. The Dr. was very vague on what he wanted me to do. The pay is $30 hr. Clearly one pays more but I'm worried about future advancement and where I will use my skills most. The outpatient surgical sounds exciting though. Should I chase the money or excitement?
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  3. by   I♥Scrubs
    I would say excitement! You will learn so much in both specialties but generally the bigger healthcare systems will offer more as far as advancement. Generally they are easier to transfer within departments (if you would want to change to a different specialty), they usually offer tuition reimbursement if you want to go back to school and they sometimes have different levels like LPN 1, LPN 2 and LPN advanced with different pay grades as you proceed further with your skills and education. Good luck and keep us updated!
  4. by   mrssilva
    I took the Internal Medicine position. After speaking with HR the also offer tuition reimbursement and career advancement. They offered PTO made it a salary position. Couldn't pass it up! I'm super excited and incredibly nervous. The job description was vague.