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I wanted everyones input on whether the nclex was difficult or easy. I passed with 85 questions but let me tell you, no amount of studying prepared me for that test. I walked away swearing I failed.... Read More

  1. by   niceguyOH
    I did pass. I found out on the 9th. I went on vacation so I wasn't able to let anyone know yet. Thanks for inquiring! :spin:
  2. by   06lpngrad
    WooHoo!!!! Got my results today and I passed. Thanks for the encouragement from this website. Ya'll are great!! My official graduation is tomorrow night and now I can go enjoy without the stress of still wondering.
  3. by   lvnforlife
    I took mine today too at was one of the hardest test i took in my a average C student.... felt like 5 finals all in one..but i sticked it out and faught i was in a boxing took me 3 hrs to complete 85 questions..and it shut from california by the soo mad...i was swearing and thought i i was on the first question and my nose bled..can u imagine that!!...but i leave it in gods just praying that i pass. wat do u guys think..dang i had 8 meds i think...i just guessed on them..AAAAAAAAAAAAAA im goin crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    hopefully you guys all pass ..its my first time here in ALLNURSES.COM...... later!!
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  4. by   ITsurvivor06
    hey gino, i'm pullin for ya.......i'm in in and taking the nclex-pn tomorrow, in merrillville, a 2 hr. nail-biter drive from home. i've done practice questions up the wazoo and finally decided que sera, sera..................
  5. by   lvnforlife
    Thanks IT very much...good luck with that tom...the practice questions help ur good. KNOCK SOME TEETH OUT...just pretend your in a fight. because the question will get to ya!
  6. by   ITsurvivor06
    thanks am i spending my night before the test? drinking cheap chardonnay and smoking cigarettes, and i quit smoking almost 2 years ago.......sad. your nosebleed on the first question made me wonder what will happen to me. hyperactive bowel sounds? i have hypoglycemia--will my sugar drop halfway during the test? if so, will the proctor give me some oj????:spin:
  7. by   lvnforlife
    hahahahha hope not..just incase have OJ with you they have lockers there for you to use....i know, the nosebleed's alittle over the top..shoot i better pass..i can say " i bled for that test " on chill mode...just finish fixin my mt. bike.. GOOD LUCK though...get a good rest and eat breakfast..that helped alot. GOOOOODDDDDDDD LUCKKKKKKK
  8. by   babykay
    Just to inform you all I PASSED the NCLEX. It wasn't easy waiting to get the results. Its always mixed feelings after taking the exams but to all those waiting to get the results just be hopeful and keep trusting God.
  9. by   babykay
    CONGRATS. I also got my results today and I passed. Glory be to God. This website has really been an encouragement.

    Quote from 06lpngrad
    WooHoo!!!! Got my results today and I passed. Thanks for the encouragement from this website. Ya'll are great!! My official graduation is tomorrow night and now I can go enjoy without the stress of still wondering.
  10. by   babykay
    This website also helped me prepare There are online questions you have to subscribe to for a fee so you might want to try it if you're planning to take the NCLEX
  11. by   ITsurvivor06
    congrats babykay, i passed too! just found out. hey lvngino if you're out there, have you found out yet? i wrote a really long post on the nclex thread after my test. too much to repeat, but that test was so hard. so many meds i'd never heard of, and just some really difficult questions. i don't remember more than a few being easy. i did great in the program, the ati tests, etc., but this test was a bear. it shut off at 85 and i got scared only because i really felt i'd gotten so many of them wrong. i'm so grateful it's finally over!!!
  12. by   blueberrybon
    You see...

    It really does seem like most everyone passes while thinking they failed during the tortuous wait.

    Good on you all! Now let's all go forth and use our obvious abilities for good!

    I just took the exam today. I pretty much feel as though I failed, I think it stopped at 85 questions. No dosage calculations, one of my strongest abilities, so I thought I failed based on that... Even though I received 85 questions I am still not confident I passed.... I had a good amount of med questions and of course I did not know what most of those meds were.
    I would say preparing is very difficult, because every one gets an exam that focuses on something different... Some get general questions others get highly detailed questions..
    A tip, critical thinking and prioritizing are clearly the hardest part of the examination. As far as meds are concerned, learn the classification of drugs especially how they determine the names.. No one can memorize all these drugs...Any way, best of luck to all who have taken the exam and who will take it...