NCLEX test next week( help need advice)

  1. Hello everybody. I'm taking the NCLEX test next week. Can anybody give me any good advice, like last minute i need to concentrate on studying before the test.
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  3. by   seselant02
    Knowing your lab values is very important, and knowing priority
  4. by   lindaw951
    Hi, I just took mine two weeks ago and I am waiting for my results - I think this waiting is harder than the test!
    You WILL go fine. You studies and finished your school. You have studied and finished all of your school tests. You have reviewed your NCLEX books, you ARE ready. YOU CAN DO THIS!
    The night before - don't study. Relax and talk with your class mates about your test. Eat a something light the morning of your test, and READ each question, you know this stuff, apply your knowledge! you CAN DO IT!