LTC vs Corrections- tips for new job decisions

  1. Hi all, sorry if this is too much for one post!

    I've been in healthcare for 10+ years, LPN 5+

    I am searching for a new job and have narrowed current offers to two: Float position in LTC (SNF,dementia,psych focused facilities) and a LPN position in a county jail. I currently work in an Ambulatory Clinic so either position would be a big change.

    I've read all I can get my hands on as far as "would you be a good fit" and things I wish I had known type articles, and talked to the RN who would be the supervisor in the jail.

    My concerns about the corrections position are:
    How can I avoid over stepping my scope? Duties include being the only nurse in the unit (after orientation/safety training/direct supervised shifts) doing intakes of new patients, medpass, and monitoring detoxing patients.

    • Less intense questions come to mind: what do I do with my long hair? How can I secure it without causing safety issues with it being an inmate setting? Should I stick solely with my pewter scrubs and ditch my dark navy blues in concern of potential gang colors- how can I make it easier to be taken seriously as a professional and not increase likelihood my appearance could cause issues?

    LTC position:

    • new management in the company and some of the locations have some "extra" drama relating to this
    • Float position so I wouldn't have my "own" hall/cart/set routine of patients/team - not negative just finding strategies to make myself as effective as possible
    • Medpass focused, high patient to nurse ratio but doesn't seem out of the "norm"
    • How can I make myself as efficient as possible if I take on this role meeting needs and being able to assess and monitor patients appropriately?

    Waiting for the benefits packages of each to review.

    What are things that draw you to or send you running away from positions?
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  3. by   MelissaC71
    I made the leap from rural acute care to corrections two years ago. I couldn't be happier. I love my job again. Some things I don't worry about: I don't worry about over stepping my scope because I know my scope and as we are clinic based I do nothing at work that is not in my scope. I wear whatever color I want. The brighter the better. I clearly am a nurse, not a gang member. They don't care what we wear. For your hair, Put it up in a pony tail. Long hair should always be tied back, same as any nursing job. Maybe Twist it up after and clip it right up so it's out of the way. As for being a professional and being taken seriously, it's not hard. Stick to your word. Do what you say you are going to do. A lot of these guys have no education, you will do a lot of teaching. Their stories can be just as heartbreaking as anyones. Overall I really enjoy nursing in a prison (vs your county jail). I tease the guys, I joke with them, but never tell them my personal info. There is that security concern always. Intake is intake, just a different location than you are used to. Med pass is med pass. I always make sure they show their ID. You will do good where everyou decide to go. Hope my perspective helped.