LPN tasks VS. RN tasks

  1. I am wondering if anyone can help me out on this. I would like to be an RN but think I'll have to go for my LPN first b/c I'll have to work while in school and I was hoping someone could give me an idea of what exactly LPN's can do and not do that RN's can? I know it varies state to state, I live in WV and if anyone can enlighten me that would be great. Also, can anyone share their opinions on LPN training programs? Are the 12 to 18 month programs sufficient training in your opinion or are most lessons learned on the job? Thanks.
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    [font="comic sans ms"]here's a pdf link for wv's nursing license & scope of practice. i retrieved it directly from the wv's rn bon website. i got there from the allnurses.com home page...just scroll down to the bons link & click on the wv's link. allnurses actually is a great place for reference as they link us to all sorts of nursing sites (magazines, reference, sbons, etc).

    anyhoo...while reading the pdf link...pay particular attention to appendix h) there you'll be able to determine the scope of practice between rns/lpns


    p.s....most people refrain from replying to any thread that might resemble rn vs lpn for fear of another one of those drag-out fights. but i can see that your thread question is nothing of the sort & is why i decided to help you out :kiss!