lpn pay rate/job opportunity in Massachusettes

  1. I just got accepted into an lpn program....and the last available space too. It just seems so difficult to get into any kind of nursing program out here (RN or LPN) because the wait lists are so incredibly long and the programs competive.
    Anywyas...Ideally I would of liked the RN program...but this is at least a start.
    Can anyone tell me what the job prospects for an LPN are like in the Boston-Metro area....how about pay? Do many hospitals, etc... offer tution incentives to help you return to school to get your RN and hopefully a BSN.
    In the past I have worked as a trauma response paramedic...and I have also had over 12 years of experience of working with addiction/mental health and chronic disease..... so I really dont know if any of this past experience will be of any kind of help to me in getting my foot in the door somewhere.
    Can you focus on just one aspect of nursing as an LPN or is it better to have a broad range of experience?

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  3. by   boopa
    Good Luck... Mass Pay Seem's About The Highest In The Country. Lpn's Can Get Between 14-25 An Hr. You Are In The Right State. I Commute At Least 3 Hrs A Day To Get To Mass.