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  1. We have VNA come in for quite a few of our residents and one or two of them are idiots!
    We have one male resident who is terrified of showers. Not water, showers.
    I am at work passing meds and I hear this ruckus, screaming, yelling etc..
    I go running around the corner and what do I see? A VNA nurse has the resident by his shirt, my two RA's for the court have his arms and all three are trying to physically drag him into the shower room. THis is a big man and he has gone from being resistant to full panic! The guy gets an arm loose and is swinging with a closed fist at these guys and connecting. The idiots still won't let him go! I come running up yelling Let him go! The 2 RA's let go and back off the VNA nurse tells me can you help me undress him. I'm like no and take your hands off of him. She's like well I have to give him a shower today. Can you give him something to make him calmer? By now I got the guys hand and am leading him away telling him it's ok he's not gonna take a shower. She grabs his arm and tries to pull him from me. I lost it. I told her there is no law no where that says so and so has to have a shower at whatever day or time and if she didn't let go of him I was gonna (and at this point I think I degenerated into unintelligable screaming) Poor big guy he was hanging on to me like I was his momma and he was 2. He knew I was there to rescue him. I can almost excuse the RA's because they are both brand new RA's and probably just didn't know better. But the VNA nurse has been doing it for years. I explained the whole concept of free will to my RA's and that we were in the residents home and we have to do things their way not how we think they should be done. Told the VNA nurse if she ever did something like that again I was going to get a group of people tear her clothes off and stick her in a shower and see how she likes it. Bright side she came back the next day, apologized and asked how do we go about cleaning up the big guy. I told easy tell him you are going to get a bucket and rags, he will strip and you can wash him from head to toe. :angryfire
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