IV certification in San Diego?

  1. HI! looking to a job description for LVN in san Diego i came up to IV Certification. i have never heard about it? so i was looking in the internet a school or a place where when i have it. does any one know about it. do they have expiration date or something about it. i went to Grossmont adult center they didn't give me much information but it takes 4 month M-F 4 hrs. to take the certification and i thought it is to long.
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  3. by   GoldenFire5
    Here you go. There's a class next Saturday up by LAX for LVNs if you're in a hurry.

  4. by   Lmex
    Thanks Melony, you know what. i went to state board and i got a list of all the Accredited places. i got one already but, it is only in one day, iam not sure if that can be possible. what u think.
  5. by   GoldenFire5
    I haven't taken the course yet myself, so I'm not qualified to say. You could call a couple places that seem appealing to you and ask them for more information.

    Good luck to you.
  6. by   nursekelly217
    I did my IV cert in San Diego 5 years ago... it was one day, about 6 hours. With a minimal amount of live sticks ... I think 3. The theory is easy and the live sticks on young, healthy, hydrated "patients" are too. The real training for me was on the job, where I basically begged every other nurse on the floor (I was med-surg at the time) to let me do all their starts and restarts. Practice, practice, practice!