How to handle complaints?? Plz help!!!!!!

  1. I will try to keep this to the point.....
    I was told by a co-worker that they overheard a family member complain about me and had a letter ready and wants to complain about me to the board.

    I am the charge nurse for my unit and I usually get lots of compliments, patients will come by to visit even after d/c....ect and so on. I have a good relationship with the docs coworkers. This is on a rehab floor in a skilled facility the average length of stay for a pt is 21-90 days. (just to give yall an idea of the environment)

    The family member is claiming that I said her mom was crazy and that there were things I didnt do for her...I dont know much more than that. But this pt came from another facility with a subdural hematoma as a result of a fall from another facility that failed to do neuro checks. The doc specifically had the pt moved to my facility after surgery knowing I would be on top of her care. She had decreased swallowing and was getting UTI's and losing weight when we received her. After a careplan meeting I suggested a peg tube while she is rehabing so she would get her strength up until speech could improve her. Daughter was on board and thanked us for doing so well. The pt went from 79lbs to 99lbs in 2 weeks is ambulating. Census is low so I kinda take extra care of her...she is spanish speaking so I get an interpreter asap. I could go on and on......(the daughter did want the pt to resume some previous meds but the doc said no; she was not thrilled about that....not sure if that is her malfunction)

    My thing is, I dont understand why she wants to file a complaint against me and want some advise from fellow nurses as to what I should do. I swear on my licence I did nothing wrong....but I dont want to over react and make anyone question my reactions. But hell...I am nervous and I worked hard for my license....any input is welcome!!!!! Thanks!!
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  4. by   ruthalittle
    If your co worker is a decent person & not trying to stir things up, they may have misunderstood the families' statement. I would wait to see if the family really does make a complaint. In the meantime I'd just try to keep the lines of communication with the family open.