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  1. Hello, I am a former Hospital Corpsman and have a few questions about this process. Mostly concerning timeframes. I've submitted my application and paid the application fee (on Nov 14th 2017.). I had an issue with the application and could not upload a few things like my performance evals showing 12+ months of ward time, etc. I finally got these documents to my evaluator on 12 December. She claimed my DD-214 looked "fake" because my reserve obligation termination date was 16 december 2017 but I have been off active duty and a veteran since february 2015. She didn't understand how that these 2 dates could exist despite it listing my separation date of feb 2015. She claimed she would re-evaluate my application for expedited processing by the end of that week. I have sent another email and see that my breeze account has still not been updated from listing the delinquencies I mentioned I wasn't able to include in original application. I'm wondering if any of you have any experience with the average wait time of a "military expedited application" for a vet, to when you received your authorization to test. From my limited knowledge once I get it, I simply pay pearsonvue $200 and take the NCLEX PN, wait to see if I pass or fail. Once passed I pay an additional fee for the actual license and wait for that in the mail, correct? (how long was this part of the waiting game for you?)
    Thank you very much for any responses
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  3. by   Camboo10
    Hello, I hope I can be of some help considering that there are very few of us that have gone/are going through this process. For me I just took the NCLEX yesterday and the results are very likely that I passed (fingers crossed, did the Pearson Vue trick with good result and got cut off at 85 with lots of multiple choice ). The time frame for me was somewhere around 6-9 months to get my authorization to test. I say 6 to 9 because I have some paper issues as well and it took 6 months from the time I made the corrections (I think it was on hold until then). My experience was different though as I never actually used the breeze account because I did everything by snail mail, so that may change things up a bit in the process. Also it was different because I was active duty when I submitted my application so in lieu of a DD-214 I sent a copy of my original OBSERV contract. That thing about the DD-214 is weird, maybe you could ask to have someone associated with the military explain the DD-214 to her? Or maybe just send here a copy of your original contract from OMFP to her? I hope everything goes well and good luck! Also let me know if you need any extra study material for the test! It can be kinda difficult going into the test without a good study plan or material because the subjects are just about about as broad as HM advancement exam but the format is very unique.
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    Oh forgot to say, as for the license, I paid the fee for the test and for the fingerprints at the same time. When they maid me the authorization to test they mailed me a refund of the fingerprint fee (sent the hard cards in BTW not sure if that is what you did), I am not 100% sure if that means that I will have to pay it again if I passed the test to get the license but my current understanding is that I just need to wait for the test results to be send to the CA board of nursing at which time my license will be posed on the BON site and a copy of the license will be mailed to me. Once again, just did the NCLEX yesterday so I will know more soon but that is basically how far into the process I have made it. Ill keep you updated as soon as I know something!