Help with first LPN job please

  1. So I passed my NCLEX on Friday and my license was posted today. I walked into two places and applied and was hired on the spot for both. So now the dilemma.. I can't do both of them and only expected to apply, not be interviewed right there. Please help me decide which is best from you experienced nurses.

    About me. I have a toddler and husband who works days. I currently have no daycare arranged and will have to work a few pays before I can afford it. My mom will help for a short time but isn't happy about it. My husband complains of never seeing me.

    Job 1:
    It's 40 miles, one way, from me. So 80 miles round trip. They want to hire me but at part time, nights only. 11-7. I can pick up extra shifts if I want as they are always short staffed. They are a 270 bed facility. And even though they are short staffed, they won't hire full time to avoid paying benefits. It pays 15.30 an hour which is okay for my area as a new nurse.

    Job 2:
    It's 7-10 minutes away from my house. They are offering full-time, second shift. 3-11. There isn't much potential for overtime as its a small facility if about 50 beds. The DON has mentioned that he believes a particular nurse will be resigning around January so I may be able to pick up a day position there. The downfalls of this job is, who knows ill ever get day shift, and in order to get full time hours, I must work 1-2 days per pay period as a CNA but at my regular pay rate of 14.25. A friend of mine noted that I may face some issues with CNAs giving me a hard time because I will get paid more to do the same job they're doing.

    So I don't know what to do. Please advise. There is so much I have to try to balance and I don't know how to do it.

    Night shift doesn't seem like a good idea because when would I sleep? And no, my mother would not keep her so I could sleep. I'd be picking her up on my way home and never sleeping. But I just don't know what's best.
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  3. by   affroman
    This is a good problem to have. Just pick one and follow thru without regrets. Every step u take from now on will be ur learning curve. Trust yourself!!! No one knows u Betta than u! Good luck.