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Hi guys I have had my license since July. I was working home health but was bored to death. I got a job at an assisted living facility. I was reading other post for assisted living and think... Read More

  1. by   HotmaleSPN
    I got one of those cool electronic wrist BP cuffs from CVS drug store, it is a great time saver, because everyone is always using our electric cuffs, and there is just no time to do a manual on 60 patients. ANd it fits right in your pocket, highly recommended.
  2. by   LegginMF
    Last Sunday I got a call from one of the courts to come over oh and please run! When I got there I was told the resident had just slumped over into her dinner plate. She was non-responsive, cyanotic, not breathing and no palpable radial or carotid pulse. I was freaking out because I couldn't remember if she was full code or DNR. Thank God as we moved her to the floor she started breathing again on her own. Pink is such a beautiful color! I got in trouble because I don't have everybodies resussitation status memorized. We are up to 56 full time residents and about 15 daycare/respites. I made a list and walk around reading and repeating. Perspnally I think the easiest and safest way is to have a little red ribbon on their shirt for DNR that way you know at a glance what their status is. But was told no because it interferes with privacy and this is where they live. So back to my list I go. Jody (by the way I am job hunting, scared of losing my license).
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