Help in career choosing PLS!!

  1. Hi I recently applied to a school here near my house, Im very interested in the medical field but right now Im kinda confused which career would be better for me.I have 3 course that I want they are
    1)Respiratory Therapist
    2)Licensed Vocational Nurse
    3)Surgical Technologist

    I really want to do one of this programs, but I found out about the Respiratory Therapist program when I graduate I will have a Associate Degree which is required for that program and most of the jobs are in the Hospitals.

    Lvn I heard are getting paced out in the hospitals?is that true?most of my friends are telling me that most of them worked in Nursing Home Facilities?

    Surgical Tech I know they work in the Operating room but I think They get paid less than the other 2 right?

    Pls Help me Decide A good Career!
    Thank you So much ALL!!
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  3. by   KatieBell
    Maybe a good thing would be to follow around (shadow) a LPN, RT and a Surgical Tech for a day. You might find you really find surgery boring and that you like working with respiratory issues or love the patient interaction that nurses have.
    LPNs employment depends largely on where you are geographically. Apparently in Texas the scope of practice is large and they are employed in many areas of healthcare. Where I work, it is rare to see an LPN in a hospital setting- mostly nursing homes and some types of outpatient facilities.
    In my area, I think surgical technicians may actually make more than LPNs. It really does depend on the area, however. for pay and job opportunities. you can also look for yourself on websites of health care agencies,and see who they are trying to hire.

    Good Luck!

    Of the three, I believe RT makes the most money...but there are other things to consider certainly!