Fingerprints/paperwork for NCLEX -plz!!!!

  1. OK Im sure this may have been posted or maybe Im a fool, but my school hasnt done much help or directing .. please can someone tell me.. do you get your fingerprints FIRST before school submits paperwork to boards? I have been told if you do the boards throws them out if they havent received your paperwork from the school by the time they get your fingerprints? Im lost, and I want to avoid waiting long periods because Im out of a job just waiting to get through the measley last portion... pls pls pls!
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  3. by   scallywags
    You can get your photos anytime. The school will have the fingerprinting forms onsite a few weeks before graduation. Pick one up and go and get your fingerprints done.

    When I graduated, we all had appts with the program director. To this appt., we were required to bring the proof of fingerprinting, 2 passport sized photos and a check made out to the board for $75.

    It takes a good 3-6 weeks or longer for your fingerprints to arrive to the board. When the school sends in your paperwork, it will be 4-5 weeks before you get your authorization to test. It will take another 3-4 weeks to get an exam date...and then finally about 4 weeks to get your results.

    It is a long process and it can be frustrating, but you will get there soon enough