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  1. Hi everyone, I've searched the forum and internet for this topic but I am looking for some current information for the 2018 season.

    I'm looking into working with Change Healthcare (Altegra Health) as a field reviewer for HEDIS and PIA.

    I understand that it is seasonal and I am not guaranteed work all the time, that is ok with me. I am a new momma and only looking for part-time work. We will be living out of our RV and travelling Colorado.

    My specific questions are (please specify when you worked for them):

    1) If you work part-time (20-24 H a week) what does your typical day look like? What does your typical week look like?

    2) Do you get re-reimbursed for all mileage or only after a certain distance?

    3) It is my understanding that you are supposed to go to a facility and "download" the charts. Do you have to audit them in the facility or can you work on them wherever?

    4) They tell me that average is 10 charts in one hour, is that realistic?

    5) any other last thoughts about the job?

    Thanks a bunch!
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