Failing the drug test

  1. Okay, can someone help me please?
    First and foremost,
    I am not a nurse, I am a soldier
    my wife was or still is idk what going on. However, she's an LPN.
    I reached out to this website by way of google search because I feel like something is just not adding up. Okay so long story short, my wife had charges against her for domestic assault. She wasn't working before and I Was providing for her even while she was working... A situation occurred, she got arrested so she sat in jail or holding for 12hrs made bail. So she had to wait I think it's 6mths to get her record expunged to start back working she then asked me to renew her it for her which I didn't have a problem with hell I have been paying for the renewal of her nursing license for 3yrs now. It came up late and had delinquent charges on it or whatever and she claims that oh it's pending and under investigation because she had to tell them that she had a criminal record or so and it might not even get approved. It's been over 6 months.
    Which sounds legit but then she kept asking for more money to try and renew her lisence and she'd probably have to go to something called the BON which I'm assuming is a board of nursing? And that's where the red flag went off in my mind. Now the genius has decided to be trifling and has been smoking freaking weed and I talked to her family and explained all this that I've wrote on here and to my understanding it actually came out that she failed the drug test....clarification please? I don't know how this works for nursing but yeah....
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