1. For many years the LPN has been mistreated, misrepresented and belittled. I have been a LPN for 18 years and have been working in a pediatric ER for the last 13 years. My question today is 3 fold. How can a major hospital chain give a raise to RN's weekender and PRn, but not to LPN weekender and PRN, secondly whay is there no RISE program for LPN's and thirdly, why can't a LPN be nominated for nurse of the year?
    Some LPN's want to remain LPN's while others go on to RN school, no problem, but
    This is your forum, your voice, it's time we started protecting our profession. and moving it to the next step. We are nurses.....
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  3. by   HangingInThere2
    Not sure about question #1 and #2, but I know for a fact that a local hospital in my area has had many LPNs in the past years as Nurse of the Year.
  4. by   sassynurse78
    I was told that our local hospital just gave the RNs a raise but not the LPNs. The LPNs were told the reason for this was because it would encourage LPNs to go back to school. :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire With the nursing shortage these days I say "Take what you can get!"