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Hi. Just wondering if any of you started their nursing career in homecare. I understand the downside to starting a career in homecare without acute care/med surg experience, or nursing home. But,... Read More

  1. by   Todd SPN
    Quote from kk2000
    But, the opportunitites are endless as far as vareid experiences-wound vacs, lots of foley's suprapubic, Picc line flushes, lots of wound care, etc. Lots af assessment skills and teaching, too. Just wouldn't get that in a nursing home.
    Would love some feedback or personal experiences.
    Huh? I work at a NH and deal with this stuff everyday.
  2. by   Tati22
    I started my first year of nursing in Home Care. I've loved it so far. I got lucky too and got hired right out of nursing school. Like you said, it's a lot of driving but depending on how much the agency pays for mileage it'll add up. I would say go for it as long as your confident in your skills and ask, ask, ask!!! for help when you need it. I have a wonderful Director and if i ever went into a home and didnt know what i was looking at or what to do i could call her and never was made to feel uncomfortable. Home health is a wonderful career and i wish you luck. If you have any questions feel free to message me.
  3. by   happylvn
    I started homecare through a couple of agencies, and since have discovered working as an independent LVN for Regional Center & Medi-Cal as an INP. I make my own schedule and am my own boss. I love it.
  4. by   Nurset1981
    Just a few thoughts...I started my career in LTC and moved to home care. I did that for 16 months. It can be very monotonous at times. One downside is that you have to get used to the fact you are kinda on you own. You're in the field and have to be comfortable with decision making etc. because you're not on a floor with other nurses and docs. I worked inner city with PACE clients, and pt's with no insurance etc and it can be tough because they're not getting the care they deserve. Theres little supervision so people can get away with anything.
    The worst part...PARKING TICKETS! I never had a ticket in my life and just had 300$ worth of tickets over a years time.