2nd interview today...

  1. And I feel horrible about it. the 1st one went well and it was just with HR. Today was with the unit manager. She was not easy to talk to, walking down to her office and in the elevator was awkward as she didn't speak much. She told me that working nights would be helpful to me since I am a new grad. Little to no med passes and 1 nurse to 49 pts. Then she told me that this would be a hard decision to hire a new grad since orientation would have to be longer than an experienced grad. Then before leaving she went back to they like to hire new grads because they can be trained and don't have bad habits yet and 3rd shift would be a good place to start. Why so much back and forth??? Ugh. Anyway, she has a few more to interview and will get back to me. I have applied at around 40 places and this is the 1st one to call me back. I applied in person to an MRDD facility for a PRN position and they were supposed to be running my background check and I haven't heard anything..that was 3 weeks ago. I've called every week checking on it. Sorry so long...I'm just frustrated and have nowhere else to vent
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  3. by   newnurse_12
    I understand where you're coming from, because I'm a new grad too! I would love to be in your shoes right now and at least have a 2nd interview! I have yet to be interviewed by anyone, for anything! I wish you luck and just snap that job up and get some experience! You can worry about all the rest later! Hey, this is the best place to vent! This is a forum of our peers and are here to give each other help and support! Keep your head up!