1 week in.. already want to leave. Help!

  1. I got a job at a SNF/rehab facility back in October. I shadowed a couple nurses the first 2 days and then was on my own. Shortly after, I found out my husband has been using meth and got a restraining order.. He got scary and my concern was my 6-month-old & 3-year-old. I spoke with my boss, with a restraining order in hand, & told her the situation. Told her I had a lot going on & didn't feel like I could work without distraction at that time. She understood & put me as per diem to keep me in their system & said to contact her when I was ready to come back.

    I messaged her prior to the new year & said I'd like to start up again full-time on the 1st of the year. She made the schedule & I was scheduled full-time, 5 days a week 3-11:30pm each day.

    It's been 6 days since I've been back & I'm in a bind. I don't know what to do. I hate going to work everyday. I do accuchecks & barely finish passing meds (without a lunch) & at the end of my shift. And then stay another couple hours charting (Medicare, weekly summaries, & change of conditions). Also put away meds & chart on s/p dialysis pts etc.

    My coworkers have each taught me ways to make my day go faster. But those "tricks" seem unethical to me. And for the charting, they expect me to chart on pts that I didn't have the time to assess. I care about these pts. I care about my license. I don't want to put either at risk. I don't want to chart on a pt based on previous charting because I didn't have the time to assess them myself.

    Also, my boss now said I cannot do overtime now. So how am I supposed to finish everything on time as a new grad, no one to really teach me the ropes, 30 pts under my care, & endless charting to do. How??!! I really want to quit. Not because of the work environment, but also found out my dad, who is retired & watches my kids, is pretty negligent with them. Leaving them unattended while outside chain smoking cigarettes. I appreciate the fact that my boss held my position but everyday I'm there, I dread it until the next day.

    What to do?? I really am thinking of quitting & want to make it effective immediately but I don't want to burn any bridges. But because of all of the person issues I'm having & those stressors, I'm feeling really exhausted, malnurished, & dehydrated. I don't want to put my license or any pts in danger because of my issues & possible distractions. Plus I'm really concerned about my kids and not having anyone trustworthy to watch.

    What does anyone suggest?? Quit effective immediately? Quit with 2-week notice? Stick it out? I can't seem to make a clear decision.

    Please. Help. Thanks!!!!
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  4. by   carlossanchez89

    seems like you are under a lot of stress at that job. I think the appropriate step first would be to speak to human resources at your job and vent how you feel exactly as you've stated on here. I think that will help and they can get you help to feel better and work more effectively.

    If that doesn't work do not put your license no the line by doing short cuts like you've said you dont want to do. If you feel like you cannot take anymore 1 week notice should be sufficient. Begin looking for an new job opportunity where you can get the support you need to effectively care for patients.

    Let us know what you decided. Good luck!