[b] Can someone Give me advice on working in LTC???

  1. I will start working next week.. 7am to3pm.. and I notice that the nurses there really dont like to train.. There is one thing that I do know..

    ALWAYs count your narcotic drawer before excepting the keys..

    Can anyone give me anymore universal do's and Dont's?
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  3. by   dbsn00
    Regardless if you are a new graduate or experienced nurse you need orientation to the unit & facility, but especially if you're new to the profession. The 7-3 shift in LTC is very busy so it's very hard to train someone properly & not fall behind due to the already crazy schedule. When I first started I worked the 11-7 shift...hated the hours BUT I had great nurses who took the time to show me proper techniques, charting & good time management. This made the transition to the 7-3 shift so much easier, I would recommend that to any "new" nurse if their schedule & facility accommodates it.

    As far as the narc count the nurse you're relieving should be counting with you...when she/he signs off that's when you accept the keys. Always do rounds before taking report. Remember the 5 "rights". There are so many...just remember, there's a lot of things that you don't learn in school, things that you're supposed to learn on the job. Make sure where you choose to work will take the time to train you professionally - you worked hard for that license, right? Good luck!!