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Hi, I am new in this forum and looking for advice.

I graduated from a LPN program in BC almost a year and half ago.

Because I was already pregnant when I was in school, I could only work for three months after graduation.

Now my baby is 15 months, so I decided to go back to work. I applied for several jobs whenever

there are postings on GNWT website. However, they haven't even called me for an interview.

I am not given even the opportunity to present myself. I am very discouraged and frustrated.

I understand my odds are not very good because I have very little experience, English is not my first

language, and there are not too many LPN jobs around here; however, I do love working as a LPN

and really want to get a job.

Does anybody know the job situations in YK?

I am seeking for honest opinions.

Should I give up on getting a job as LPN in YK and try to find a job completely different?

Is volunteering help me get a job?

What can I do???

you should find a direct contact and ask them if they can give you feedback on your resume.

In the NWT it is virtually impossible for an outsider to land an LPN job due to affirmative action and hiring priority.

Aboriginals get first priority,followed by residents who have lived their entire lives, then women.

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