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Hello all.. I'm new to this forum. I'm just wondering if there are any other lpns besides me struggling to find a job in the east valley. I've been an LPN for a while but have mostly just worked private duty homecare for the past 5 years. I find that since I don't have other experience, I don't get called of course. I've tried doing SNF shifts for a registry but have had no motivation to do it lately because I don't enjoy it at all. I was wondering if any of you actually go to places and submit applications beyond just submitting resumes online? By the way, I'm taking Bio 201 at Rio Salado. I'm having a tough time looking for a job and trying to pass a class at the same time :eek:


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You almost need to know someone. A DON at a fcaility, or another nurse. I know it's tough out there! Good luck!


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Banner Health System is phasing out the LPN role with VERY few exceptions.:cry:


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Hi I am an LPN and work Peds homecare and enjoy it -i work at one home for an 8hr shift and work mainly with vent kids,but there are other kids with special needs that we serve. I work for Dependable Nurses of Phoenix and they are hiring. They are pretty good to work for ,for the most part. I am in school at U of Phx for my LPN-BSN and will grad next Dec and plan on staying until grad. And you are right it is hard to find anything for LPNs LTC is NOT for me either!

Merry Christmas!

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