LPN as Independent Wound Consultant in Florida


I am interested in starting a Wound Consulting Firm in Florida. As an LPN, what do I need, other than my WCS and License???:confused: I emphasize Consulting as I do not plan to be hands on....... HELP!!!!


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I'm sorry, but I don't understand how can you want to consult for wounds without being hands on? You really need to be hands on in order to see, touch, measure and smell wounds, in order to get a better understanding of what you're dealing with. How would you do a consult? Go by what someone describes to you? And then what? Is there really a thriving business for LPN's in this arena? I'm a Florida lisenced LPN and I've never heard of this.


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I do believe you have to have an MD over you looking over the 'consult' cause you are giving medical advice and really MD/DO's, PA, and NP can diagnose and give medical advice, LPNs & RN's do more along the lines of patient education of those diagnosis and medical advices they give.

For ANY practice or consult of any kind, there has to be a medical director involved that oversees the practice or consult... I am almost positive on that.

I know the wound places around here have active MD's working in the facility and they do the consulting, and the LPN's and RN's initiate and educate treatments... ect..

You know maybe if you were a NP? you could do this on your own? But I really don't see you doing this on your own as a LPN... legally anyways.