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I am currently an experienced LPN that just had a seizure at work. I work for a home health agency and am still waiting for them to decide whether or not they will have me come back to work. My neurologist uped my dose of Keppra and cleared me to work with no restrictions, so should I be looking elsewhere for a desk job? So confused and scared that I can't find work!

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I also have epilepsy. I've had it since I was 16, and so had it through nursing school (for RN's) and what not. At school, they were aware and made accommodations. However, in the real world, it's kind of unacceptable to have seizures. Reason being, I have no warning. If you get "aura's" or can feel one coming every time, they may be more lenient. But if you don't, like me, the risk to your patient could be significant. For example, giving an injection and having one? The indemnity is huge. Or transferring a patient and having one... it could be scary. So I had to stop nursing until my seizures were under control.

I assume you are in America, so I would refer to the persons with disabilities acts and that kind of thing to understand your legal position which can defend you. Think about the risks to your patients. Perhaps get an EEG and monitor your blood work in regards to meds to see if the seizures are likely to be kept under control.

Maybe also identify your triggers, if any? I have now not had a seizure since May 2010, however tiredness is my trigger. Which is hard to avoid being a nurse! If tiredness is your trigger, maybe see if your employer can make adjustments. Jumping to desk work might not be necessary.

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