LPN Career Options/Pay In Jacksonville?


hello...will also be posting this on the lpn/lvn board but hoping to get some feedback from you guys here in the jacksonville area.

i actually live in a small town called middleburg (near orange park) which is on the outskirts of jacksonville ....anyhooo...

i am considering going for my lpn due to the fact that the waiting lists for the rn programs are a fairly long wait in this area..i am in my last class (micro) that will finish out my prereqs for the asn ..i also know it will be a good year from now ..possibly two (2) before i even get in the program - and then at least another 16 - 18 mos of nursing classes after i am in...in the meantime, i know i need to get a j-o-b soon..lol

dh and i were discussing getting my lpn first since it is an 11 mos program here which begins in august at fccj - then bridging to the rn or possibly going for my bsn while working as an lpn..fyi, i have already applied for the lpn program - however, probably won't know until the end of july if i am accepted...if i am not, then i guess that solves that..lol

but..if i am (and i am hoping that is the case!) ..is their anyone on here that can shed some light on where lpn's can work in this area? are they basically employed in ltc?.... and do you know if lpn's are hired in our local hospitals?

also..for someone just out school..what is the avg. rate of pay in the jacksonville area for an lpn?

i did see on the shands site that starting pay for their lpn's is around 12.05? :uhoh21:

that seems very low to me..but maybe it is more universal than i thought.

thanx for any feedback that can be offered on lpn career options and rate of pay.


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