LPN to BSN program-Oklahoma


Hey everyone! I am new to the site and I just wanted to throw a couple of questions out there. This last semester, I was in a RN nursing program. However, I did not pass one of my classes (during 3rd semester). Upsetting. Anyway, I now have to sit out until next fall before I can pick back up in 3rd semester. My current plan is to go ahead and take the LPN boards and start working. I have a few different options. I can continue on with my program starting in the fall which will result in an ADN by next May.. But the last day or so, I really thought about trying for a LPN to BSN program. My thoughts are this: I want my BSN eventually anyway (sooner the better), so why not go ahead and do all the RN stuff at the same school and all at once. Keep in mind that I do already have a Bachelors degree (in Psychology) so all my prereq's are complete. I started researching different programs and it becoming quite the maze and quite a headache. I live in Oklahoma currently and would like to stay in the area for now. I would also consider California if need be. (my brother lives there and is trying to recruit me to move there)

Is there anyone out there who has been in the same position as me or knows someone who has...that could give me some guidance on good programs? Or maybe guidance on the smartest thing to do? I am beyond ready to start life and become settled somewhere so I want the quickest route possible. I will have to work during school, but I do not have kids so I am really flexible with availability. Any advice or words of wisdom?